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So often we are asked why in the world would we feed raw food to our dogs?


Our journey into raw feeding started with a good friend and breeder who had been feeding raw for many years.  She encouraged us to make the change to raw and we did.  The early days of raw feeding were sort of scary for us.  There were many phone calls to our friend about how much to feed and whether or not the protein sources we were feeding were ok for our dogs. It all worked out and we were raw feeders for many years.   


It wasn't until we added another dog to our home that we were really reminded of the value of raw feeding.  Ernie came to us as a kibble fed dog.  At this point, we had been feeding raw for 8 or 9 years so kibble feeding was something we had to relearn. As you may know, kibble fed dogs drink a lot more water than raw fed dogs and their stool is much larger.  After weeks of trying to adjust to kibble feeding, we decided that we had had enough.  We switched Ernie to raw and his potty-training issues  were fixed overnight!  This experience reminded us of just one of the true benefits of raw feeding.  


After difficulty finding a company with a consistent source of food and quality customer service, we decided to help others learn about the benefits of raw feeding and began distributing quality products that we use in our own home every day.  


We hope that you will reach out to us with questions or concerns because we believe

"Healthy Tails Wagmore"



       Healthy Tails Wagmore
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