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Wiggles and Wagmore


We specialize in shipping and select delivery options for raw pet food, including Blue Ridge Beef.


We utilize this website for pricing and informational purposes only.  You may create and submit your order in three ways:


  1. You may create and submit your order here through our online shop. 

  2. Payments, delivery arrangments, and shipping quotes will be sent to you by email through our secure invoicing and payment system.

  3. You may email your order to us at    Please be sure to include to address and zip code.

  4. You may call your order to our staff at 309-863-9377.


Are you looking for something that you do not see on our price list?  We  may be able to help you find that special item from our locally-sourced and market-priced items.


Go to our FAQ page for more information about delivery locations and our affordable ship to your door options.



Wiggles and Wagmore
Kitten Grind
Chicken with Bone
Beef for Dogs
Turkey with bone
Meaty Bones
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